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Relics of the Fallen - Roguelike Card Game on MyAppFree
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Relics of the Fallen - Roguelike Card Game

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Relics of the Fallen combines the simplicity of a grid-based card game with the complexity of a roguelike dungeon crawler game.

There are several dungeons that you can explore, each has different sets of cards and game modes, such as one where you have to avoid traps, beat powerful bosses, or just survive as long as possible. You can choose from a number of available heroes with unique skills and play styles to master. Slay monsters, use items, and engage with NPCs for a better chance of survival.

Relics are what distinguish this game from the other games of the genre. They give various powerful upgrades to your hero during a run, which also make each run unique and exciting.

Discover more than 100 cards and 60 relics with interesting mechanics and interactions with other cards. The game gets frequent updates which add more dungeons, heroes, cards, relics, and other features. Its solid gameplay mechanics allow the game to expand with endless possibilities.

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