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Nail that Coin

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Reminiscent from an age where we needed to create our own games, Nail That Coin is a simulation that aims to bring back that excitement.

On a wooden table with some nails and a goal on either side, you would draw soccer field markings or your favorite sports field and play against your friends with a coin you would flick towards the adversary’s goal.
It is fun, competitive, nostalgic, and strategic, would you try to score a goal from a difficult position, or would you try to land the coin on a place that would minimize your adversary’s chance of scoring?
With beautifully rendered tables and coins from several countries, the game creates a nice physics simulation and is complemented by different AI opponent levels so you can start at the basic, train, and evolve to beat the ultimate computer player, or you can play a match against your friend, both on the same device.

A trip back in time to the 70’s or 80’s

If you are a good craftsman, you can get inspired to create your own real version of the game which is a lot of fun.
Get your friends together, create a championship table and see who emerges a champion! No age limit on this classic, a simple, yet well-crafted mobile game for everyone, it is all about concentration and ability.
Look at what some of our players are saying:
“Wonderful! Very rarely comes across a game that brings so much pleasure. With love for the work and his users, great performance, this game will remain, perhaps, with me forever.”
“This is definitely not the kind of game I would usually play. But it is easily one of the best games on here. It is crazy addicting and fun.”

Nail that Coin app thumbnail

Nail that Coin

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