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Pixel Soldiers: The Great War on MyAppFree
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Pixel Soldiers: The Great War

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2.49 $

A great game for strategists! Take command of a country’s entire fleet and play to win in WW1.

Take a trip back in time and be present in one of the most monumental events in history, the first World War. The game is set between 1914 to 1918 and the playing field will begin at beaches of Gallipoli in Turkey, overtake the city of Verdun and seize the Somme.

The game looks simplistic, with its minimalist color scheme and pixel-style but this is where its appeal lies. You will appreciate the no-nonsense approach of the game. The main objective is to utilize the best strategy to emerge as the victorious country. So, the challenge lies in your ability to control your forces in a smart tactical manner. 
The game emulates all the features present in wars. You get to build trenches in strategic locations, charge the enemy, build posts for machine guns and other heavy artilleries, and also commandeer war ships.

Great news! For a limited time, Pixel Soldiers: The Great War is retailing for ZERO dollars (original price is $2.49). Download now for free!

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