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Marvel Contest of Champions

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Get sucked into the electrifying showdown among your fave Marvel heroes and their archnemesis in Marvel Contest of Champions!

If you’ve ever wondered who would fare better in a fight between Spiderman and Deadpool, you can satisfy your curiosity by playing Marvel Contest of Champions!
Of course, it would still depend on your skills at maneuvering your chosen hero, but who wouldn’t want to see Captain America and Iron Man battle it out to the fullest?

You can amp up the excitement by teaming up with your friends and building an alliance. Strategize well and help keep each other’s champions in the game. In Marvel Contest of Champions, you can also go on a quest to annihilate the OG supervillains, Kang and Thanos, to protect the Marvel Universe from destruction. 

If you want to experience the ultimate crossover of epic proportions, just play Marvel Contest of Champions where you can assemble your dream team and have heroes and villains fighting on the same side. Heck, you can have a team consisting of Magneto and Wolverine. 

Improve your stats and abilities and unlock special moves to truly get the complete Marvel experience! 

Be sure to check out Marvel Contest of Champions on the Store now! Don’t worry, in order to download this game, you would need ZERO dollars. Yes! It’s FREE!

Marvel Contest of Champions app thumbnail

Marvel Contest of Champions

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