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Lecture Notes on MyAppFree
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Lecture Notes

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The most powerful lecture, note taking app on Android is here - Lecture Notes!

Lecture Notes is simply the best note taking app on Android. It is highly customizable to suit your needs. 

Lecture Notes is designed with the students and professors in mind, enabling the use of handwriting to take advanced notes on the screen, which is particularly useful when using a stylus.

This powerful app has a diverse range of uses. Lecture Notes note taking app is equally useful for lecturers and professors who want to project the screen to students while annotating certain images. Students benefit most of all - they can just record the lecture and jot quick notes and study those notes at home. Note taking can now be done in a jiff. 

However, it has attracted many users beyond the university. For example entrepreneurs who use it for marketing notes and sales presentations or artists who use it to make sketches and drawings.

Lecture Notes puts a premium on your privacy - you can use the note taking app even without internet connection. The app also requires very minimal permissions as well. Users will surely enjoy its smooth writing, zooming, scrolling capabilities. 

Install it now for FREE and get your notes organized like a pro and keep them where you need them.

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