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Beauty, Simplicity, and Reliability

 myHomework is an all-encompassing app. There's nothing this planner cannot do - even the nitty-gritty of storing instructor's emails and class websites! Your whole college life is by all means made simpler with this little guy.

An uncommon feature with myHomework is that it syncs with your phone calendar. Any event entered in your day-to-day calendar automatically appears in the app as well. Moving on to the website design, the homepage is categorized by 3 tabs- the overview, assignments, and planner.

You can pretty much see everything lined up for the week through the overview tab, but the goodies are stored up in the assignments section. Contrary to just being able to check off assignments when done, it has a dashboard that displays recently accomplished tasks. You can call this a motivation boost handy for those slow, sluggish days.

The arrangement is also very apt. Users can sort assignments based on due date, course, or priority. And when you need to jot down a few notes relating to the task at hand, perhaps the key areas you need to focus on while studying, myHomework has got you covered! 

myHomework Student Planner app thumbnail

myHomework Student Planner

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