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The Sun Shines Over Us - Visual Novel on MyAppFree
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The Sun Shines Over Us - Visual Novel

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A heartfelt emotional story revolving teenage mental and relationship problems. The Sun Shines Over Us is a touching empathetic narrative game with choices and multiple endings in an Indonesian high school.

You play as Mentari, a victim of bullying who just transferred school and trying to recover from her past trauma.

In the game, you will help her make choices through school life and experience life changing events that will affect her future.

 In school there are many unique students, each with their own different characters and neuroses.

 There are also many other characters all available to befriend with.

Some may be hard to approach, some may hide something from you, each have their own unique personality and personal problems.

 Anyone can play.

As the game isn’t about twitched skill, it explores stories based on learning and empathy.

People who enjoy emotional stories with unique characters would enjoy The Sun Shines Over Us.

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