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City Destructor HD on MyAppFree
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City Destructor HD

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Get ready to explode, demolish, and destroy in City Destructor HD, the new 3D puzzle/sandbox game for Android mobile devices. Enter a prismatic world of houses, shops, and high rises all built for your destruction.

Bombs Away

If seeing structures blown to smithereens in block cartoon fashion is your cup of tea, then City Destructor HD will be a satisfyingly destructive experience. Today, the mobile 3D game is free for a limited time.  

Destruction actually looks quite lovely in City Destructor, with neon colored pastel cityscapes and a bit of a retro 80s vibe. While buildings crumble and bombs are unleashed, there’s no carnage or fire to these explosions. Think more like Minecraft in reverse. Rather than build, you blow blocks up.

Two Destruction Game Modes  

Puzzle Mode challenges you to do as much damage as possible with a finite set of bombs, a bit like Candy Crush on steroids. Here is where some seriously explosive strategy comes into play as increasingly difficult boards require greater strategy and planning.  

Complete puzzle mode levels to unlock playground mode boards. In playground mode there is one rule: there are no rules. Just go berserk dropping bombs anywhere and everywhere you’d like.  

The More You Destroy, the More You Earn

The currency in City Destructor HD are called Kaos Coins or Koins. They’re earned, you guessed it, by blowing stuff up. Koins can be spent on making bigger bombs and bigger explosions, which leads to more Koins and more spending opportunities for increasingly bigger bombs and blasts.  

The game gets creative with 14 types of bombs including the Black Hole Bomb that creates a vortex that sucks everything around it into oblivion and the William Bomb, one of many musical bombs, this one plays the "William Tell Overture" when released.

Download City Destructor HD Free for a Limited Time  

Ready to enjoy some destruction fun? Then download City Destructor HD today on myAppFree before this limited-time sale crumbles like one of these sandbox buildings.  


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