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Interactive and rich in smart features

Classup is quite likely one of the most interactive organizational apps there is. Its smart features propel its overall value high above the rest, making competitors appear like child’s play. Why do you ask? It has the benefit of communication!

Upon signing up, Classup asks to access your contacts, which you can choose to forego but picture this. It’s the start of the semester, there’s barely ample time to make sense of everything going on. You somehow missed the course sheets dished out, so you’re in the dark.

With Classup you can interact with friends or classmates through the app, compare their schedules against yours, and even message them in case of queries. That aside, there are the cool extra features! First, you have various text colors, stickers, customizable widgets that allow for background personalization. If you like, you can as well upload pictures from your gallery.

Onto more professional traits, the app has the advantage of accommodating multiple schedules, a handy feature for persons with crazy school routines! And for the icing on the cake, notes organization is super fast thanks to automated codes. Simply insert “@classcode…” and the app instantaneously groups the notes according to subject criteria.

To enjoy these features, download the app today for free!

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