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Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

3.49 $

Contain the virus outbreak worldwide! Save the world from the deadly threat of the virus! Do something before it becomes too late! Play the realistic Pandemia: Virus Outbreak and make difficult decisions on how to save the world!

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak is a decision-based strategy game for Android that is sooo relevant in today’s time! You are in charge of stopping a virus spreading! Will you be able to save the planet from the deadly virus?

This exciting strategy game puts a unique spin on an "apocalyptic" game sceenario. Instead of going in, guns blazing and killing zombies, your job is to help stop the spread of deadly contagion.

As a world leader, you have to make certain decisions, decisions that can be very difficult. But you'll have to think wisely before making your choices as there would always be consequences. Some of these are instant while others are more long term.

Are you going to close the borders immediately? What about the people who want to go home to their continent?

To help make decisions a little easier, you have a strategic map to help you. Looking over this map can help you make the best choices possible under your current situation. Make your plans solid and not just decide blindly. Millions of lives are going to be affected! 

You will have an opportunity to look at your financial situation to help you adapt with whatever  choice you make. The demands of the people also play a role here as you want to avoid upsetting everyone with your decisions. 

Manage and control virus research because it will be to your advantage. Combining all these and the strategies you make, should bring the outbreak to a stop!

Be wise, save the world and end the pandemic! Play Pandemia: Virus Outbreak FREE but for a limited time only! Bring the outbreak to its knees!

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak app thumbnail

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

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