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Chloe: Playtime! on MyAppFree
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Chloe: Playtime!

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It's Playtime! Now you can play with Chloe and Bunny against other toys, solvie the most brain squeezing puzzles ever! Dive into their fantasy toy world to talk with every toy out there! Own all action figures now for an unforgettable experience!

Dual Character Gameplay: Solve puzzles with one or two players at the same time. Chloe and her sidekick bunny, who can be replaced by other toys

Play with all the toys! We got toy shotguns, toy Crane machines, flying balloons,  cannons and freaking explosive bombs! What's more to add? 

Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of crafted toys style, retro arcade theme, and personal influences, each translated into stunning pixel artwork. 

Interactable hub world! Have a little chat with every toy Chloe knows, uncover some secrets :)  fun lurks at every corner!

Black and white mode for relaxing gameplay lovers. This feature is hidden in their toy world ;)

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Developer with a passion for crypto, cats and animated emojis on Telegram.

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