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AirMirror: Remote support & Remote control devices

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Wouldn't it be great to control many aspects of life with just a remote control? There are actually apps to help you do this. Download this app, don't miss out and be amazed!.

Be able to utilize the app to turn on or off as many electronic devices as you require. With AirMirror, the convenience is limitless. It's also free. 

With AirMirror, you can have the following features: 

Remote Access. 

Control another phone/tablet, do anything you want, anywhere you go. 

It is highly recommended that you install Root Certificate in Non-Root mode with AirDroid PC beforehand. 

Remote Control. 

Access their view of another smartphone from either the front or rear camera. You can use this phone to become a home CCTV security system. 

Screen Sharing. 

Check the device's screen whenever you need to. 

Android can be controlled through a PC using the AirDroid app. 

Remote support. 

You can help your friend or family by remotely accessing their cell phone. 

AirDroid Remote Support is required for this process. 


Instant connection by 9-digit phone number. 

You don't need a username or password to connect and your friend or family can connect to you by their 9-digit Connection Code. 

Screen sharing. 

The screen sharing request will be completed by simply sending one tap. 

Phone call. 

AirMirror provides clear voice calls to the user, enabling them to communicate by phone instead of texting. 

Tutorial gesture. 

To show the shared tutorial gesture on your friend's or family's phone, swipe or tap. We will solve the problem easily. 

Voice messages and text messages. 

Although you can't make a phone call in a no-call zone, you can send text messages, pictures and voice messages. 

The possibilities are virtually limitless, download now!

AirMirror: Remote support & Remote control devices app thumbnail

AirMirror: Remote support & Remote control devices

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