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Sol 705 Complete Adventure on MyAppFree
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Sol 705 Complete Adventure

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Do you miss the joy of being immersed in old point-and-click adventure games? If that’s the case, Sol 705 will definitely scratch that itch!

Official entry in the Mobile Summer Jam 2021

Many of us grew up on LucasArts classics like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango — games that provided intricate puzzles, gorgeous art, and a captivating story that could hold your attention for hours.

There aren’t many such games these days — especially for mobile devices. And that’s what makes Sol 705 even more special! This hilarious adventure game stays true to the point-and-click classics of the past while also being perfectly adapted to new design trends. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a bunch of high-school dropouts in the 70s as they become entangled in an epic Sci-Fi adventure — one that’s just as much about UFOs as it is about progressive rock! 

The game has everything you want out of a point-and-click adventure — from voice acting performed by experienced professionals who give the game its heart and soul to a memorable soundtrack performed by actual indie bands. 

While all the voice acting is performed in English, there are also Italian, Portuguese, German, and Spanish subtitles. 

Of course, the essence of any decent adventure game is its story and characters — and Sol 705 doesn’t disappoint in this regard either. It successfully captures the ‘70s era in an exciting setting; a small Argentina town. If you want wacky space hijinks combined with a heartfelt coming-of-age story, this is the right game for you!

The puzzles are not too challenging or obscure, but they’ll still tease your brain just enough to be fun. Give Sol 705 a try, especially because it’s on sale for a limited time only!

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