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Monotone - Dark Icon Pack

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Monotone Dark Icon Pack is an Android mobile theme with 3700+ dark monotone icons featuring a unique icon shape.

Monotone is a black, white, and gray app icon pack that includes generic and alphabet icons, as well as over 80 high-resolution wallpapers.

Monotone Dark Icon Pack is supported on all Android devices and it's free for a limited time!

Are you feeling moody? Or maybe you’re just tired of all the random, bright colors and are looking for something a little easier on the eyes. With perfectly selected shades of gray, with black and white, Monotone Dark Icon Pack is sure to please everyone!

Looks best on 18:9 and taller screen ratios! Customize your phone with Monotone for a sleek, dark, moody design. Monotone is a black and white version of our Verticons Icon Pack. We will also add all future icon updates to Verticons to Monotone as well.

I recommend keeping your icon size settings between 125% and 140% with the icon size normalization feature disabled. If you’re using a launcher that supports icon shape modification, please use a full square icon for better masking. For alternate icons, long-press the icon on your home screen and click “edit.”


  • 3700+ Monotone, Dark Icons
  • Properly implemented icon masking brings uniformity to icons
  • Unique icon shape, not found in Android Oreo/Pie adaptive icons
  • Focus on details and creative design
  • Consistent user support and updates
  • Cloud-based, custom made 80+ high-resolution wallpapers
  • 256x256 hand-crafted vector-based icons
  • Dynamic calendar support [Dependent on Launcher and Calendar app]
  • Generic and Alphabet icons

Supported Launchers

All launchers which support standard icon pack formats will work with Monotone Dark Icon Pack. You can use the icon settings menu of your launcher to ensure that Monotone is compatible with your launcher.

[LG STOCK launcher and ATOM launcher are NOT supported.]

Monotone - Dark Icon Pack app thumbnail

Monotone - Dark Icon Pack

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