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Kings Hero 2: Turn Based RPG

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Calling all classic gamers! Check out Kings Hero 2 for a classic role-playing RPG adventure!

Designed specifically for those who enjoy D&D and strategy games, Kings Hero 2 offers traditional role-playing quality along with player progression that players will love!

Character Classes

There are four basic character classes to choose from Archer, Witch, Paladin, and Warrior. Each character has strengths that will determine how players proceed through battles. Every character class has a magical ability they can call upon during battle and, used wisely, can greatly impact the outcome.


There are four types of magic: control, damage, treatment, and charm. The cool thing about spells in this game is that when used, they don’t consume energy. However, once a spell has been used, it cannot be called upon again for 6 turns. Use them carefully.


Explore the game to find new items and reinforce your team. Items range from low to high quality depending on the color. Low-level items can increase in quality by absorbing other unneeded items, but it doesn’t stop there! Once the equipment has reached maximum quality, it can be merged with magical signs to further increase its features.

What Players Will Love

Players will love the incredible turn-based battles that require intellect and strategy. Kings Hero 2 features over 20 spells, an abundance of quests and awards, and best of all NO ADS! Additionally, there are powerful boss fights, real-time map travel, and the game can be played offline.

Get Kings Hero 2 Free April 24-26!

For a limited time only download Kings Hero 2 for FREE! Enjoy this RPG at no cost, the promo lasts only for 3 days! Experience an exceptional turn-based gameplay that will keep you coming back again and again. With Kings Hero 2, adventure awaits!

Kings Hero 2: Turn Based RPG app thumbnail

Kings Hero 2: Turn Based RPG

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