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Dragon Drum Machine - Synth drums for Android app thumbnail
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Dragon Drum Machine - Synth drums for Android

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Become the ultimate drummer with Dragon Drum Machine! With tons of features and options, you will surely achieve the ultimate sound, you won’t need all the fancy equipment when you have Dragon Drum Machine! Download today!

Be the best beat master and become the world’s number one drummer with Dragon Drum Machine! With all its options and features, you will definitely find the one true sound for you! Plus, it’s on sale right now so there’s no better day than today to download it!

Dragon Drum Machine is a drum machine built to quickly and easily make glitch, distorted, lo-fi drum beats and manipulate them live. The drums are simple and flexible, capable of some classic drum machine sounds and also new weirdness. Each is synthesized in real-time and sent to a multi-effect rig with variable speed stutter, bit reduction, pitched feedback delay, and a resonant bandpass filter. The drums are triggered by a four pattern step sequencer. Patterns can be changed individually for each drum or triggered together for quick pattern switches for all drums.



Four pattern sequencer with local and global pattern control

BPM control with nudging

Save/load presets

Record audio as wav

Three drum synths:

  • Bass
  • Snare
  • Hi-hat

Effects rig:

  • Asymmetry and tanh(x) for tape like distortion
  • Pitched feedback delay
  • Retrigger (aka stutter/buffer) with variable speed and reversing
  • Bit reduction
  • Down-sample
  • Reverb
  • Resonant bandpass filter


All that in more is instore for you! So download it today!

Dragon Drum Machine - Synth drums for Android app thumbnail

Dragon Drum Machine - Synth drums for Android

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