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Fang Synth - Accelerometer control, arp, and seq on MyAppFree
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Fang Synth - Accelerometer control, arp, and seq

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Producing your own music is such a dream! But do you really need all the fancy-schmancy equipment to be able to achieve your dreams? Good thing we have Fang Synth available in the app market!

You can aspire to be as great as your idol dj’s with this music and audio app Fang Synth - Accelerometer control, arp, and seq. Plus it’s on sale, so there’s no time to get it than now!

Fang is a synth app based on motion modulated control through accelerometer information. Each parameter can be linked to different directions of motion. Contains presets, wav recording, a stepped arpeggiator with diatonic scale locking, a multi-pattern sequencer, wave shaping oscillators, resonant filter with envelope and pitch locking, and an effects rig (including formant filter, pitched delay, reverb, down-sample, bit reduction.) Can be played by non synthesists as well: load presets and control sound through motion. Capable of strange sonic textures, complex evolving arpeggios, or classic synth sounds.

Some of its features are:

  • Easy to Use Control Pattern:Each control has five sub-controls associated with it. The top, largest control is the main control and changes the actual value. The four controls beneath determine how much that value is changed by moving in each of the four directions. For an easier time understanding the concept, the video walk-through might be of help.
  • Notes are generated with a sequencer and keyboard. The sequencer works by moving a step at the rate specified. There are four patterns that can be played and edited independently.
  • Modulation is affected by an envelope. There is a pitch envelope that affects both oscillators. The oscillators are capable of fm (osc B modifying osc A.) Both oscillators can have their signals sent to the filter or directly to the amp envelope. A white noise signal can also be added to the filter or directly to the amp envelope.
  • The filter is a 4 pole resonant band-pass whose frequency can follow the pitch

Feel like a pro. Download today!

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