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Get It Done is you’re all in one stop shop to productivity and focus. No more writing endless to-do lists or trying to keep a handwritten calendar on your office desk.

This task tracker app enables you to keep track of every activity or errand that you have for each day. You can insert your activities and select the right option when you’re ready to start one. The app then tracks the time it takes you to complete it, so you don’t have to click watch!

Get It Done app uses a smooth digital interface that’s simple, yet effective to use.
You can select from the vast array of pre-set activities in the app, or you can add custom activities. When you add a custom option, you can choose from the unique range of icons to assign to your task. You can also give a custom name to your task, making it super easy to remember which task is which.

Want to check your activities for the past week or two? This app makes it easy for you to check your task history. It creates easy to read color-coded daily, weekly, and monthly charts so you can check how much time you’ve spent on each task over the course of the year.

You won’t find another task-tracking like this one! Get It Done is perfect for beginners to time-tracking or pro productivity professionals!

If you’re a busy body with a jam-packed schedule, you’re going to love Get It Done. You can throw away the scrap pieces of paper and the old desk calendars, and swap them for a stylish digital app.

Ready to boost your productivity and get stuff done? Download Get It Done today!

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