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Bamboo Paper on MyAppFree
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Bamboo Paper

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For artists

Do you desire a Note app that you could use to draw and store related data? That’s Bamboo! Other than taking notes, memos, checklists, and adding images, the app helps utilize your artistic ideas through its Zoom Function. You can use it to draw or write fine lines just like you would with an actual pen and paper. The pens, paper texture, and colors provided are so much realistic that you will instantly fall in love! They provide negligible lags and no pen strokes are dropped. For even better and impressive results, you can use Bamboo paper alongside Bamboo Stylus.

The app’s free Incase Plus features come in handy when you want to sync all your devices. Once you activate them, your files shall be accessible and editable anywhere, at any time. You can also share your files with anyone you choose to through file-formats including psd, svg, and richtext.

From its clean and organized interface, minimalistic UI, smooth writing to its easy to use features, the app is guaranteed to satisfy your writing needs. Download it today on Apple store or Google play store, to get a taste of its unique nature and usability!

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