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IMMUNO -Color Matching Shooter on MyAppFree
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IMMUNO -Color Matching Shooter

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Immuno is a color match, shooter, puzzle game from Wulfpup Studios. We took the best aspects of color match games and combined them with an aiming mechanic to create this crazy, action-packed, germ-filled game we call IMMUNO! Do you like popping bubble wrap??? It's like that, except now the bubbles fight back!


Creative cartoon graphics:

Immuno is filled to the brim with mischievous characters, animations, and interesting environments for you to explore!

Procedurally generated gameplay:

Immuno has a randomly crafted gameplay experience that will never feel like the same gameplay twice!


Use six unique bonuses to help you survive!

Elites and Bosses:

The nine elite viruses transform the gameplay with their custom powers and abilities. You will have to think hard to defeat our six unique bosses.


Attain many gameplay milestones, with rewards ranging from in-game currency to XP.

Endless Mode:

Fight to survive against an infinite horde of viruses and bosses! Earn a high score, XP, and bragging rights. How long can you survive?!

Download Immuno now to stop the invaders!

Shoot high in this fun new game! Perfect your aim using one-tap control to shoot down zany viruses in dynamic levels & an endless mode. Eliminate the boss in each section of the body in this unique, retro-style virus game.

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