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Rome 2077: Space Wars

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Year 2077. The war between the Alliance and the Republic is in full swing. Alliance forces forced the Republicans to retreat. In this seemingly hopeless situation, last Republic ships were able to find a gap in the Alliance encirclement, and now the last Mothership of the Republic is drifting in outer space, with the remnants of the resistance army, in the hope of finding a new home. From this point on, Rome 2077: Space Wars begins.

One of the ships of the Republic is entrusted to you under control. Having protected the mother ship and a suitable planet for rebuilding a new colony, you still have to go through many obstacles to protect it, and in the future, if there are enough resources, to go on offensive operations in order to recapture your territories from the Alliance.

Before the start of each mission, you can choose one of 24 unique ships, each with its own characteristics. After choosing a ship, craft it by adding weapons to it. It can be added to special weapon slots that are unique to each ship. But that's not all! You have additional abilities - such as a force field or a powerful salvo of homing missiles. And you can pump abilities as you progress through the game.

Many unique missions - to destroy all enemies, escort, seize territories, etc., as well as unique bosses will definitely not make you bored in Rome 2077: Space Wars. Try it today for free in the Play Market.

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