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Gravity - An Adventure in Space-Time

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Gravity will take you on an otherworldly experience filled with mind-boggling, hand-crafted puzzles, space animation, and even black holes.

The game takes place in the year 2620, decades since space exploration became popular. Now that members of society are able to travel to other planets, they must tackle the challenges of greed and colonization that come with exploring space. Through solving puzzles, players can acquire the money and resources needed to conquer the planets in space before others do.  

Gravity is filled with colorful and bright graphics that will have you, quite literally, drifting off into space. The app provides users with a seamless gameplay experience, without any in-app purchases or pesky advertisements keeping them from having a stress-free, good time. The game is exceedingly user-friendly and if a player fails to complete a challenge, they don’t receive the upsetting “game over” prompt. Instead, they can rewind time and try again.  

The exciting space exploration game, jam-packed with puzzles, also features soothing music from Alexander Nyman, Matthew Pablo, and Kevin MacLeod. The beautiful melodies playing behind each puzzle reduce stress and promote relaxation.  

Not only are players able to escape reality while playing Gravity but the puzzles will also help improve their memory, concentration, and focus. The timed games are great for mental stimulation and help users learn to perform well under pressure. Gravity can be played both online and offline, and will provide gamers with hours of thought-provoking entertainment. Making it an exceptional way to pass time on road trips, flights, or while taking public transit.  

The puzzle game, Gravity, is on sale for a limited time and can be downloaded here on MyAppFree. Don’t miss out—try your hand at space exploration as it may be decades before you have the opportunity to do this in real life.  


Gravity - An Adventure in Space-Time app thumbnail

Gravity - An Adventure in Space-Time

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