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Great Games from last month on MyAppFree
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Great Games from last month

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A fine selection of great titles from April 2021

We had some wonderful entries during April 2021! Great games by amazing developers that are definitely worth your time.

Here's a collection of 5 of the best free games we had under the Spotlight during April 2021. Take a look!

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1. Embark in an epic and mysterious journey with Brave Hand, a beautifully simple card game

Brave Hand

You find yourself stranded on a deserted island, surrounded by a mysterious aura and feeling. Wandering around, you find a forgotten and ancient game of cards, hidden under the ground.You start studying and playing it, quickly finding out that this game conceals secrets, powers, and an untold story, ready for you to be unraveled.Brave Hand is an elegant and ingenious take on classic card games such as Solitaire, but with the added zest and strategics of collectible card games.The game is enriched with a compelling story, that you’ll be able to uncover step by step, unlocking new elements and secrets while you play.Everything is wonderfully told with a unique and magical art style, inspired by children’s book visual of Aaron Becker, perfect for creating a sense of wonder and enigma.Some of the game features:Simple and endlessly replayable game mechanicsUnique game modes to choose fromCompelling, story-driven atmosphere16 unlockable themes, each one with beautiful, hand-made illustrationsWorld leaderboardTrophies and achievementsDownload Brave Hand today and dive into this unique, amazing card game, already featured on magazines such as PocketGamer and AppAdvice and awarded by Google as Finalist of the 2017th Indie Games Festival![[badge_download]]

2. Survive, build and prosper in the unexplored lands of The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores.

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Survival Adventure

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is the sequel of the prized Forsaken Lands, the acclaimed simulation and survival game from 2018.After stealing the show at worldwide gaming awards and winning prizes such as Pocket Gamer Gold Award in 2020 and Official Selection during 2020 Gamescom (among others), The Bonfire 2 is ready to bring its captivating gameplay and polished game mechanics to your smartphone.Explore the uncharted and ever-changing procedurally generated land, colonize and build new settlements and start creating a powerful economy through trading, resource managing, and buildings.Freely design your city, but be careful in how you position new buildings because it will influence resource gaining.Manage workers, each one with different personalities and preferences, and find them the role that best suits them. Each villager will develop strengths and weaknesses, it’s your duty to plan how to best employ them.Protect your precious settlement during the night: monsters and wild beasts will wait for the favor of darkness to lurk inside the walls of your village.And it’s not only farming and building: craft weapons and armors for your fighters, it’s best to face enemies with a powerful arsenal to your side!Enjoy every aspect of Forsaken Land that has fascinated you, now reworked and more engaging than ever before in Uncharted Shores, along with a load of new features.It’s time, adventurer: an unknown land awaits your explorer spirit!Download The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores today![[badge_download]]

3. Zen Symmetry, a relaxing and addictive puzzle game!

Zen Symmetry: Relaxing Puzzle Game

Do you like puzzles? If so you should try Zen Symmetry, a minimalist, neat, and relaxing game.Zen symmetry is a symbiosis of simplicity, original ideas, and an enchanting atmosphere. Try these new captivating combinations and plunge into the world of symmetry.Zen Symmetry starts easy and becomes more challenging while you progress. Place tiles symmetrically to solve puzzles and create a geometric ornament.Please your inner perfectionist. Thanks to dozens of unique levels the game never gets boring and it'll keep you entertained for long periods of time as you'll be eager to complete each new chapter.Dive into zen with calming music in the background and beautiful design. Customize your experience, choose the music, color themes, and tile skins, make your own Zen Symmetry!This game has been created with love and passion by one indie developer. Be welcome to try it out and don’t hesitate to share your feedback by review or email 8thbitlab@gmail.comAnd remember - beauty is in symmetry![[badge_download]]

4. It’s all fun and games till something bad happens. Who would have thought the bad guys would easily creep from the shadows and would kidnap all your friends.

Tiny Robots Recharged

No one could imagine what could be done to the prisoners or captives that were taken. Especially with the idea that a super-secret laboratory was built right across the park.With so many questions rambling through your brain, the only thing you can do is take action!Solve puzzles and answer quizzes to find out the true reason as to why the laboratory was built and the solution to saving your friends and other prisoners.The best part about any game is that it keeps you thirsty for more. The puzzles get even more difficult and addictive as you progress throughout the gameplay.We all know that the fulfillment of overcoming a challenge prepares you to embark on new and more tedious ones.Save your friends and test your mental wit.[[badge_download]]

5. Fun Retro Arcade Shooting Game - Meet Shooty Quest!

Shooty Quest

A fun retro game, Shooty Quest, is one of the most highly addictive indie, shooting-style games. Set in a pixel-art world, Bitalia, shoot, dip, and dodge to battle your enemies across Shooty Quest! You’ll love the high-energy vibe of this game, catapulting your way through hard-to-master levels and darting around your competitors. Retro vibes are a fun break from highly realistic games; you’ll feel like you’re back in the Middle Ages!Shooty Quest is easy to learn but stays fun! You’ll love the pixel art retro character that shoots around the screen at 360 degrees, selecting the right arrow for the right enemy, and dodging adversaries while picking up rewards. The whole interface is pixelated, with creepy enemies and bosses and fun items to pick up to help you dominate the game.An intuitive arcade game with 36 levels and 2 endings, compete with friends for the highest score in the game! Challenge your friends to collect arrows and take down the enemies. Try to beat the bosses, each with unique challenges and hard-to-kill features that make selecting the right arrow key.A dynamic arcade game offering hours of entertainment, earn coins to upgrade your crossbow and buy items for your mission! This indie game is sure to become your favorite this summer, and with so many levels, it’ll take you some time to master! Work your way through the levels, challenging yourself with catchy 8-bit style music and fun beats in the background.You’ll start shooting arrows, conquering levels, and vanishing bosses in no time. Simple and entertaining, Shooty Quest isn’t difficult and is an easy game to start your battle in![[badge_download]]
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