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Great Games from June on MyAppFree
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Great Games from June

Bringing some cool breeze with these fresh games

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A great selection from June 2021

The Summer heat is getting to you?

While you can always take a look at our Mobile Summer Jam 2021 to relax in a cool place, here you can find another fine selection of games, to bring some pleasant freshness in your day.

Here for you some of the best titles we published here on MyAppFree during June 2021!

1. Prepare for a new Noi adventure -One of the hardest arcade games ever- with the new two modes and more than 30 levels filled with more spikes and obstacles


Are you ready to dive into an endless adventure into Noi's world where timing is everything?Your reaction time will determine your destiny. Do you have what it takes to handle the pressure?Start playing, have fun and try not to smash your phone. And always stay tuned for new levels.Don't forget to share your best score by clicking on the share button! Game Features• Simple gameplay: just tap to jump and don't forget that timing is everything.• Challenging and understandable: Noi is not that hard of a game where you get confused on what to do. You know exactly what you need: “JUMP”, but it is still a challenging game.• Two endless modes (vertically and horizontally )  and more than 30 levels and always adding new ones with new challenges.

2. The best way to spend your moments in your smartphone is to be entertained while also learning something new. That's why we love Save Earth. Offline ecology strategy learning game!

Save the Earth - EСO Strategy

Most younger generations are already in front of smartphones, so what better way to spend their time than learning new things while saving the home for a long period of time. This is why Save Earth.Offline ecology strategy game is consumable. Plus it's FREE!. Save the Earth teaches the importance of ecology and has fun, addicting gameplay. Understand the underlying causes of real ecological problems and their likely causes. Develop a strategy to save the planet from environmental doomsday. In the game, you play as an abstract character who saves the Earth. Learn about green initiatives worldwide that will impact the future of our planet. Research and come up with action plans, then evaluate the results. HOW TO PLAY: The players' initial goal is to stabilize the ecological situation on Earth. To restore and improve Earth's ecological condition, step by step. At the end of the game, a report will list how successfully the mission was carried out. SAVE THE EARTH GAME FEATURES. - The first environmental strategy. Now, there is no need to fight with enemies or destroy something to gain control. In our game, you will think thoughtfully and make quick decisions to preserve our fragile environment. - Educational & Learning Game The game will learn to preserve nature. We will teach everyone the right decisions and how to protect our planet. - Game For All. Our virtual environment will motivate everyone to come to love and care for our planet. - Study of Ecology". Collect points for the environment, and develop a sustainable environmental strategy by implementing new eco-projects. A TEXT MESSAGE GAME. Download our mobile app for free to play our wilderness simulation offline, without the Internet! - Study of the region's ecology. Appreciate and study the real ecology of different regions of our planet. Track the ecological state of each region. During the game course, you will learn how to prevent regional environmental problems and their causes. - Development of environmental projects Pursue developing new sustainable green technologies, implementing environmental projects and monitoring the results of your environmental strategy. Develop technologies and projects to maintain the ecological balance of soil, sky, counties and seas. - The Development of Volunteerism. Develop and send volunteers to combat poachers, trawl ships and smugglers. Responsive and proactive, come out ahead in the long run. Eliminate natural disasters and their harmful effects. - MULTI LANGUAGE. The game's gameplay is brought over to different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. Play and enjoy.

3. Have you tried to find an application that will make you experience the day to day life of a happy couple, or even living alone with your beloved children (pets). Adorable home is the app that does it all.

Adorable Home

Imagine a game that allows you to experience everyday life with an added twist. Adorable Home allows you to practice being a couple through an app that covers activities that you would do should you be living together.Gain love as points to purchase items and pets at the store. Build your dream house and live the life that you deserve. Picture a world wherein you enjoy the bond that a partner has to offer. Prepare their lunch, manage household chores, play games with your pets.Now isn’t that a life worth living.Unlock different items as you showcase your love and affection among one another. Money has no value in this world and all you need is LOVE.There are several themes and designs to choose from that will suffice your heart's desire.Download the app now and enjoy the adventure of living.

4. Brew some delicious tea for your strange customers in this calming, intriguing and visually beautiful novel


A Tavern for Tea is a compelling visual novel, set at the edge of a mysterious fantasy world.You play as the owner of this enchanting little tavern, and your task is to brew delicious tea for your customers. The world is a fantasy domain, and your cute and cozy shop is right at the corner of it, where demons and humans roam together. You'll see a lot of different faces (but also tails and horns) entering the charming wooden door of your inn, and you will listen to some amazing stories while the teapot gets boiling.A Tavern for Tea is a ravishing example of a small and intriguing title, perfect for everyone for a quick play, quickly growing fond of its amazing characters.

5. Galactic races in space on the planets of the galaxy with different gravity

Planet Racing - 3D galaxy driving in space gravity

Planet Racing is a realistic racing simulator in which you can feel the atmosphere of driving on different planets of the galaxy with different gravity. A combination of racing and extreme space. Explore a huge open world competing with opponents. Earn money by winning difficult races and performing stunts. And upgrade your car to win the most powerful opponents. Participate in the mode you like and get cool rewards!Planet Racing has a generous assortment of tracks and vehicles. A large number of planets to ride: Earth, Mars, Moon, Venus Here you will not have time to get bored.Test your driving skills in Planet Racing!
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