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Pixel Push Football

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Pixel Push Football is a modern physics powered game loosely based on the rules of American Paper Football.

The lunchtime tabletop game makes a perfect transition over into the digital realm! Touchdowns, touchbacks, safeties, field goals, extra points, and 2 point conversions are all represented. 

Totally customizable with up to 8 different fields, 3 different themes and 26 different ball designs including both oval and triangle balls with different physics. Customizable game length and score. 

Portrait style gameplay means two players can comfortably play against one another on the same device. 

Graphics and gameplay are optimized for both phones and tablets. Larger screens work great!

Skill based shot system is powered totally by the physics engine which rewards player skill and experience. Many customizable options to fine tune the shot system.

Tournament mode provides an exciting challenge for 1-6 players. 

3 Different challenge game types with Google Play Leaderboard integration. 

Dynamic AI with 3 different difficulty levels. Easy enough for a younger child to play or difficult enough to challenge even the best players!

Free forever with no microtransactions or ads!