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Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

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2.99 $

Strategically build defensive structures to block an onslaught of enemies in this supercharged game!

With the amazingly large amount of tower defense games out there, it should not come as a shock that one managed to rise above the rest. Introducing the most action-packed, tactical game you will find in the market--Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD.

The premise of the game is just like every other defense games out there. A swarm of enemies rush in to try and penetrate your defenses, but this time they’re jacked up and more  insane than ever! 

Make no mistake, this game will really challenge you.  It will test your ability to strategically place your defenses, your multitasking skills, and your timing. 

You can play four separate levels of difficulty. If you think you’re the best out there, go for the insanely intense battles where you will be racing against the clock to decimate your foes.

All of these features and gameplay have been packed into one stunning app. The graphics are as realistic as one can get, making the experience all the more exciting.

For a limited time, this game is FREE on the Play Store! Save $2.99 if you download it now!

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD app thumbnail

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

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