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Solitaire Grand Harvest

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Solitaire - Grand Harvest puts a delightful spin on the classic solitaire game we all know and love!

Solitaire is one of, if not the most played single-player game on mobile. Practically everyone has had a go at this classic game, but we assure you...you’ve never played a game of solitaire quite like in Solitaire - Grand Harvest.

This is the crossover no one ever asked for, but everyone loved! Try your hand at Tripeaks Solitaire and win rewards while cultivating your farm. Take great care of your farm to get credits and boosters to help you progress through the levels and hone your solitaire-playing skills!
Farm and harvest your crops as you play challenging solitaire games and reap cool bonuses from each harvest...in order to keep playing tripeaks solitaire. Keep repeating this cycle and you will have unlocked the key to becoming the best solitaire player in the world! 

Connect and play with friends to keep things exciting. Plus, you will of course be rewarded for inviting them. It’s a win-win!

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Solitaire Grand Harvest app thumbnail

Solitaire Grand Harvest

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