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Res Militaria Rome FULL

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Take command as a Roman military general and assemble your legions to fight through the historic battles of Rome. Manage military units, plan their attacks, and live or die by the tactical consequences!


Turn-Based Mechanics

Inspired by classic games like Chess and Risk, combat in Res Militaria Rome unfolds on a turn-by-turn basis to maximize strategic play. Outmaneuver your opponent by analyzing their moves and adapting your own battle plans.

Battlefield Grid System

The battlefields in Res Militaria Rome are divided into a square grid, making it easy to place units and create battle formations. But choose this placement carefully – different cells in the grid offer different tactical bonuses or drawbacks, just like real environmental conditions!

Realistic Battle Experience

Res Militaria Rome captures the dynamics of military battle with its advanced combat features:

  • CLAIM VICTORY by killing all enemy units, or by conquering your opponent’s home base
  • Damage is calculated as the difference between the attack points of the attacking unit and the defense points of the defending unit
  • Attacking enemy units from their side or back ignores their defenses
  • Units that have been attacked cannot move in the same turn
  • Severely wounded units cause panic damage to nearby allies
  • Units gain experience, attack points, defense points, and life points after killing an enemy unit

The Essentials

Sophisticated AI; Save/Load Game; Cross-Platform

Even More Features


Relive Rome’s Military Power

Fight through a campaign of 13 of the Roman Empire’s most noteworthy battles, including war with Carthage and the infamous general Hannibal.

Challenge Friends

Enjoy multiplayer options! Play together on the same device with Hotseat Mode, or find nearby challengers with Local Area Network Mode.

Share Your Glory

On Res Militaria Rome’s leaderboards.

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Res Militaria Rome FULL app thumbnail

Res Militaria Rome FULL

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