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How much can I spend?

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Do you notice that when your income increases, so do your expenses? And therefore, managing your cash flow is super challenging! Everyone’s  been on this road before! If this is a cycle for you, you need help from a smart budget assistant.

Expense Tracker Premium  budgeting app is very simple to use! All you need to do is input how much money you have and when the next payout comes, Expense Tracker Premium app will divide the amount of money by the number of days before salary.  The result? You get to see just how much you need to spend on a daily basis.

With a decrease in the balance the limit also decreases, the next day it is recalculated again as your payday draws nearer.

You should be able to adjust your balance and analyze the result on a daily basis. When your limit falls for several days in a row you have reached a critical point. This simply means that you are living beyond your means.

Get smart in handling your finances. Know your spending limits. Explore the many different ways you can budget so you can finally start saving!

With Expense Tracker Premium finance app,  controlling your cash flow will be a breeze! Download today! FREE!

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