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The Best College Planner Apps on MyAppFree
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The Best College Planner Apps

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College years are one of the most fundamental in a young adult’s life. With so much to do, and a ton more to remember, it’s so easy to subconsciously slack in one area or the other.

You see despite the learning process being the chief duty, there’s a lot more to juggle including university competitions, co-curricular forums, and most certainly friendly hangouts!

This is why an organizational tool is so practical! Rather than having to manually sit down and scribble down your schedule, the app does it for you. Plus, it's a one-time thing, meaning once the data is input, there's not much more to do other than await reminders (of course except for times when you need to make changes). Either way, the bottom line is you have less organizational clutter to worry about with a college planner.

Take a look at some of the highly sort after study tools.

1. Beauty, Simplicity, and Reliability

myHomework Student Planner

 myHomework is an all-encompassing app. There's nothing this planner cannot do - even the nitty-gritty of storing instructor's emails and class websites! Your whole college life is by all means made simpler with this little guy.An uncommon feature with myHomework is that it syncs with your phone calendar. Any event entered in your day-to-day calendar automatically appears in the app as well. Moving on to the website design, the homepage is categorized by 3 tabs- the overview, assignments, and planner.You can pretty much see everything lined up for the week through the overview tab, but the goodies are stored up in the assignments section. Contrary to just being able to check off assignments when done, it has a dashboard that displays recently accomplished tasks. You can call this a motivation boost handy for those slow, sluggish days.The arrangement is also very apt. Users can sort assignments based on due date, course, or priority. And when you need to jot down a few notes relating to the task at hand, perhaps the key areas you need to focus on while studying, myHomework has got you covered! 

2. Full academic calendar

My Study Life - Digital School Planner You Need

My Study Life is dedicated to servicing students beyond just the revision period. The app comes with a full academic year calendar subdivided by weeks so you can input all the relevant information, including important holidays and breaks.There's provision to key in the lecture room, subject, time, teacher, and if you like the seat number. If you are not accustomed to non-repetitive classes, don't break a sweat trying to remember the fluid routines. Sure fixated classes are easy to recall, but with lectures that occur once, twice, in x number of weeks, a little memory aid can save you the trouble of running late or missing the session altogether. With the app’s rotation technology this ceases to be a challenge!Also, My Study Life is accessible on multiple platforms, iOS included. This means you can have it on just about any device and synch them all for harmony. So anytime it feels convenient to use your computer, the same information is transferable to your mobile phone without delay.  And this translates to other electronics such as Ipads, et cetera. Are you tired of losing your school data? Get the MyStudy Life now and experience the difference!

3. All-around task planner

College Planner Organizer & Study App: Chipper

Chipper is also one of the more recent entries in the world of study organizers. So just like Classup, it is much more enhanced and quite easy to use.  Now that drafting schedules is often a tasking responsibility, Chipper developers devised a way to make this process manageable.  In this case, it’s the use of red flashing dots which guide you through the entire process, step by step. The availability of different color schemes, other than just helping you differentiate the courses, also avails delightful aesthetics!One huge advantage with Chipper is that it goes beyond school planning. Think of it as a singular platform able to manage all your tasks, be it work or life-related. And it doesn’t stop there. It makes provisions for minor sub-tasks that together lead up to a better organization.  So say you have not only classes, but also discussions, debates, and lab practicals as part of the coursework, you have more than enough room to accommodate the same into your schedule!  If the workload gets overwhelming, set in place are numerous reminders and alarms that you can customize as you please.

4. The ultimate homework app

Power Planner: Homework/Grades

The Power Planner, widely known as the ultimate homework app, earned this title for formidable reasons - its strongest point being the knack to give users a premium experience when planning for homework and exams.For starters, it has a live tile feature that pops up onto your mobile screen indicating what assignments are overdue, due today, and tomorrow - remember this is without having to access the app itself. It also automatically remembers your last entered class such that you do not make a mistake of keying in the same data.When you want to calculate your combined GPA, worry less about doing the math. Simply enter the individual grades for each subject and let the app figure the rest out! You can also compute weighted grades on this platform just as easily as you can customize the grade scales, that is, if your school uses a unique grading system.As a bonus, at the end of every school day, Power Planner automatically sends you a notification of what is scheduled the next day beforehand.  If you happen to have a pending assignment, the app is keen to remind you one hour to the start of the class.

5. Interactive and rich in smart features


Classup is quite likely one of the most interactive organizational apps there is. Its smart features propel its overall value high above the rest, making competitors appear like child’s play. Why do you ask? It has the benefit of communication!Upon signing up, Classup asks to access your contacts, which you can choose to forego but picture this. It’s the start of the semester, there’s barely ample time to make sense of everything going on. You somehow missed the course sheets dished out, so you’re in the dark.With Classup you can interact with friends or classmates through the app, compare their schedules against yours, and even message them in case of queries. That aside, there are the cool extra features! First, you have various text colors, stickers, customizable widgets that allow for background personalization. If you like, you can as well upload pictures from your gallery.Onto more professional traits, the app has the advantage of accommodating multiple schedules, a handy feature for persons with crazy school routines! And for the icing on the cake, notes organization is super fast thanks to automated codes. Simply insert “@classcode…” and the app instantaneously groups the notes according to subject criteria.To enjoy these features, download the app today for free!
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