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Masters Gallery by Reiner Kniz on MyAppFree
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Masters Gallery by Reiner Kniz

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It’s time to put your art history education to the test with a fun card game, do you think you have what it takes to win? Of course this game is for all art lovers in the world. Download Masters Gallery today!

Whoever said that paintings just sit there and collect dusts has never been so wrong. Art is fun and exciting and now it has been made to be more fun  with this wonderful card game app Masters Gallery by Reiner Knizia! Plus, it’s on sale right now so it’s even better!

The official version of Reiner Knizia's classic, Masters Gallery, also known as Modern Art The Card Game.

As a collector and Gallery owner you will buy and promote works of art, pushing their value and that of the artist higher and higher, trying to become the richest of all your rivals, in this fun card game.

Played over 4 rounds between 2-5 players, players take turns playing cards from their hands, down in front of them. Each time a card is played the artist it represents increases in popularity for that round. Once one artist hits the popularity limit, the 3 most popular artists have their values increased, and everyone scores points based on what they played that round. With values increasing over each round, do you hold on to those cards till the end for maximum value and risk not getting a chance to play them, or cash them in whilst you can? Some cards also have bonuses on them, which help the players score even higher.

Some of the features of this game that makes it exciting are:

- Interactive tutorial mode, helping newcomers and old fans get up to speed quickly

- In game achievements keep you coming back for more

- Multiple computer skill levels will tax even the greatest player

- Configure the colour of the cards from a selection, useful for colour blind players

- Multiple game speeds for faster play, once you get experienced

Don’t miss out! Download Masters Gallery today!

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