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Tiny Robots Recharged

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It’s all fun and games till something bad happens. Who would have thought the bad guys would easily creep from the shadows and would kidnap all your friends.

No one could imagine what could be done to the prisoners or captives that were taken. Especially with the idea that a super-secret laboratory was built right across the park.

With so many questions rambling through your brain, the only thing you can do is take action!

Solve puzzles and answer quizzes to find out the true reason as to why the laboratory was built and the solution to saving your friends and other prisoners.

The best part about any game is that it keeps you thirsty for more. The puzzles get even more difficult and addictive as you progress throughout the gameplay.

We all know that the fulfillment of overcoming a challenge prepares you to embark on new and more tedious ones.

Save your friends and test your mental wit.

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