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The Best Apps for Notes on MyAppFree
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The Best Apps for Notes

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Thanks to note apps, you can now take notes and view them anywhere without the need for a Notebook or Pen!

This is great considering that you may not always remember to carry your pen or notebook - but your phone - now that’s hard to forget! Besides, while using a phone you can take notes at any place or situation without it seeming obvious or awkward.

Developers have outdone themselves in coming up with many ingenious note apps that seek to address the needs of different users. If looking to find one that is free, convenient, and reliable here are some great ones to consider.

1. For artists

Bamboo Paper

Do you desire a Note app that you could use to draw and store related data? That’s Bamboo! Other than taking notes, memos, checklists, and adding images, the app helps utilize your artistic ideas through its Zoom Function. You can use it to draw or write fine lines just like you would with an actual pen and paper. The pens, paper texture, and colors provided are so much realistic that you will instantly fall in love! They provide negligible lags and no pen strokes are dropped. For even better and impressive results, you can use Bamboo paper alongside Bamboo Stylus.The app’s free Incase Plus features come in handy when you want to sync all your devices. Once you activate them, your files shall be accessible and editable anywhere, at any time. You can also share your files with anyone you choose to through file-formats including psd, svg, and richtext.From its clean and organized interface, minimalistic UI, smooth writing to its easy to use features, the app is guaranteed to satisfy your writing needs. Download it today on Apple store or Google play store, to get a taste of its unique nature and usability!

2. Extremely easy to use

Smart Note - Notes, Notepad, Todo, Reminder, Free

It’s neat and modern interface makes it one of the easiest notes app to use. You can take down notes, add photos, utilize checklists, add voice notes, and attach or scan documents. The app spices things up through its customization features that allow you change its color or theme, making writing even more interesting!To organize your files, you can stack them into categories and add a widget to your home screen to help look them over. In future, when you have hundreds or more, you can easily locate a particular file using their keywords on search. Smart note developers have gone a step further and provided Password Protection where you set a password and activate a security lock. This way, no unauthorized persons can access your data. You are also advised to back your data to Google Drive, such that, if you lose your gadgets or experience any technical hitches, your data and hard work will not go down the drain.Taking into consideration, all the above features it is a wonder why the app is freely accessible - but it is! Better make hay while the sun still shines. The App is free to download for both Android and IOS.

3. Ideal for lists

Google Keep - Notes and Lists

Keep getting random ideas and wish you could quickly note them down somewhere before they escape your mind? Google Keep got you. You can speak down a note, while on the go, and the app will automatically transcribe it and keep it safe for you. Reminders of what you noted down shall then be sent when you are settled down and in the right place. There are checkboxes to keep track of what you have already taken care of and what’s still pending.Apart from voice notes, the app also allows photos, memos, receipts, documents, web clippings, and the like. These can be neatly organized using colors, labels, and sub-categories for easier retrieval via the search function. If you have several devices, you will find this app even more useful as it allows you to sync all of them - thus your notes are always with you! You can also share your files with anyone in your contacts, keeping them up to speed with what you are up to.Google keeps works just fine with apps like word, in case you may want to export or print something. Download it today on Google play store or Apple store.

4. Powerful search function

Evernote - Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

Using Ever Note, you can quickly note down an idea, inspiration, plan, reminder, journal, and memo, just to mention but a few. The app’s cool captivating layout will stimulate your creative side making writing even more fun.  You can access or edit your data via any device you choose to sync to. Evernote works just as well on a desktop as it does on your phone.There are no restrictions concerning the format or type of information you wish to store. Be it text, photos, web clippings, emails, or audio files, the app is well able to accommodate them regardless of their size. As an extra treat, there is a camera function that enables you to scan receipts, business cards, or any other document. Taking advantage of its easy-to-use formatting options, you can organize your files into different categories and folders to make it easy to locate them with a powerful search. This works even when you are offline.Want to share your notes with friends, family, or colleagues? That is possible too! You can directly share your data with them as long as they are in your contact list. To enjoy this among many other benefits find Ever Note on Apple store or Google play store.

5. Also scan docs and business cards

Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes

If you are a super busy person who often takes notes for both work and personal use, one note will prove to be a perfect fit! Through it, you can take as many notes as you need and sync them across all your devices - which is super cool and helpful! The notes can be anything from some info you got from the net, pictures, images, or even voice clips. Their size does not matter either, as One Note stores its information in the cloud. The app also allows you to quickly scan documents or business cards and store them for future reference. You can organize your notes or documents using to-do lists, follow-up items, custom labels, and marks for what’s important. To easily locate each of your files, there’s a fast and powerful search function.One note works hand in hand with commonly used apps such as Word and Excel to enable you to achieve even more.  Generally, the app’s interface is modern, cool, works seamlessly, and features a slick design. It is also quite easy to use and takes only a minute to get the feel of it.
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